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why hope?

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Hope Cafe and Tea House is

a CNY staple that is rapidly expanding! Hope Cafe has been voted the best new restaurant, best cafe, best vegetarian/vegan food, best dessert, and much more!


When you eat and drink at Hope Cafe, your meals are Three for the Price of One, because your meals help to provide meals for 10,000 people in need each month!

We are a community lounge and means of financial support for a local non-profit, The People Project

Our charity has been working to help men, women, and children across the globe for over a decade. We began "Hope Cafe and Tea House" in order to help fund our current and future endeavors.


When you drink our exclusive drinks, and eat our delicious food, you are doing it with a purpose. Each bite you take helps to provide a meal for someone in need. Each drink you consume helps to provide assistance to someone else. Every donation goes to help those in need. 

Hope Cafe is a fusion of Peruvian, Italian, and American food and drinks, along with some other international favorites that you cannot find anywhere else

Come for the menu, stay for the ambiance, be a part of the movement!


What is an emoliente?

We have amazing organic and fair trade coffee from some of the countries our charity has worked in. We have delicious whole leaf teas, fresh roasted coffee beans, and pour-overs, 100% hand-crafted lattes, delicious and unique juices and smoothies... 

but what is an emoliente?

Emolientes are amazing homemade "teas" which are used as holistic medicine in South America. They are a delicious staple of street food in Perú, and all over South America. (see picture to the right)

This homemade barley based tea offers AMAZING health benefits supported by 6 medicinal herbs from Peru.  

We are the only local cafe to offer esencia de cafe. Think of a smoother, more caffeinated version of an espresso shot. You will never want to drink coffee any other way!

Add in whole-leaf Japanese-style teas, real Argentinian mates, a variety of coffee drinks, homemade emoliente, and you are guaranteed to fall in love with Hope Cafe.

Come for the drinks, stay for the ambiance!


100% of our profits 

go to fund our charitable work in New York and across the globe.

Every coffee, tea, empanada, sangwich, or other item you consume is with a purpose. Every dollar spent is a donation towards our charitable work. 

When you visit Hope Cafe and Tea House you aren't only consuming amazing food and drinks, you are helping to touch lives in need of hope.

Hope is a contagious commodity. Help us to spread it here in New York, and around the globe!


Feel free to visit our charity's website here by CLICKING HERE